Job Winning Mindset – Part 2

In my last post we looked at the “What’s Bugging Me Now” technique that helps clear away mind clutter so you can enjoy a more positive outlook. In this post I want to share one more powerful technique for helping you to be at your best. It’s called…

The Forgive and Forget Technique

You’d be amazed at how many people (people I’ve interviewed over the years) who have a chip on their shoulder. Whenever they start talking about their previous employer, previous manager, or previous people they’ve worked with, you can see it in their face and in their body language, they get all tensed up. No matter how they try to pretty it up with their words, it’s easy to sense they have a negative mindset towards others.

So let me ask you this… if you were a hiring manager, would you rather hire a person who is upbeat, positive, kind and generous, who genuinely likes other people, or someone you sense has some negative emotional baggage? Most hiring managers will hire the positive upbeat person and they will stay far away from a person they sense has negative baggage.

So this is where the “forgive and forget technique” comes in. Here’s what you do…

Grab a notepad and a pen or pencil. Write-down a list of everyone you have negative feelings towards, especially if they have to do with previous work places. Then, next to each person’s name right down why you think they did some of the mean or stupid things they did. It could be that they were abused when they were young, they may be going through a divorce, they may not have been blessed with a good personality, or a working brain (just kidding on the last part), but write down whatever you think it is that would cause them to act in those offensive ways.

Next, try to think of any time you personally have been mean, thoughtless, un-thinking, or have done anything stupid. This should bring you closer to their level so you can see that we are all human and that we all have issues from time to time. Of course some people have more issues than others, but the point is, none of us is perfect.

Now try to imagine the offending person when they were a small child. What must’ve happened to that beautiful, innocent little child that caused them to grow up to be such a mean butt-head? Probably something not very good, right?

Finally, try to feel sorry for them at least a little bit. If you have some type of faith where you pray, then pray for them to become a better person. If not, just decide to send them love in the form of positive feelings and kind thoughts. Feel sorry for them, send them love, and make a decision right now to forgive any offense they’ve committed. Don’t hope for justice to be served, or for them to be paid back for what they’ve done. Hey you don’t want to be paid back for your mistakes either, do you? Just decide once and for all to forgive and forget. Remember the only person your negative thoughts and feelings will harm, is you. So get rid of them (the negative thoughts and feelings that is) not the offending person.

Now if you really want to supercharge your mindset, you can do the same Forgive and Forget Technique on your own self! You can do this to forgive yourself from any and all past wrongs you’ve done!

Hey we’re all human and we all make mistakes! Just don’t hold your past against yourself. The past is gone. You have each day going forward to strive toward being your absolute best. Forgive yourself of the past and focus on the good things you desire to do going forward. Next time you make a mistake, forgive yourself quickly and focus on doing better as you move forward!

After you complete this exercise, take the paper, rip it up and throw it away. You can even bury it in the ground, but just decide to let go of all negative thoughts towards others.

Believe me, you’ll be so glad you did this exercise. You’ll feel so much better, and you’ll take less negative energy with you everywhere you go. This exercise will ultimately help you when you go to an interview for a job, just because you’ll be emitting more positive, generous vibrations.

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