Top Job Skills Employers Want You to Have

Imagine what it would be like if you were trying to hire someone for a position in your company. And let’s say you just received 500 resumes for a single open position. How would you begin to select the best candidate out of those 500?

The Winner

And The Winner Is...

Now of course the real point of this article is to help you understand how you will be evaluated for a job opening. It’s a reverse engineering thing.

Back to our scenario…You’re an employer and you just received 500 resumes for a single position. You have to narrow down the playing field and select the very best candidate for this position. How are you going to do that? Well, here’s what most employers look for to differentiate between candidates. These are the top 5 skills employers really want you to have…

1 Enthusiasm. Any candidate who has a passion for the kind of work they are applying for will always get a gold star. If they have a passion for the work, a passion for the industry you’re in, and a passion for your company, they get three more gold stars. Passionate employees generally make good employees. When you apply for a job, show your enthusiasm.

2 Leadership Ability. Employers love candidates who are motivated to succeed. Employers really love candidates who express their commitment to help the company succeed. Team players don’t even come close to candidates who show a commitment to their own personal success and to the success of the company. Leadership ability gets high marks.

3 Action Orientation. Candidates who express their ability to take action and get things done are always in demand. Anyone who shows signs of accomplishment and has a bent towards getting things done rates high.

4 Effective Communication Skills. The best candidates know how to communicate their value effectively. If a candidate cannot express themselves they’ll have a hard time being selected for a position. That’s why really good candidates practice how they respond to interview questions before they even get to the interview (hint).

5.Culturally Like-Minded. Let’s say you’re hiring a forklift driver for a warehouse position. A candidate shows up in a tuxedo, speaking in an English accent and using very long complicated words. Probably not a good cultural fit. Or, let’s say you’re hiring for a financial investment counselor position, and a candidate shows up with earrings in both ears, one in the nose, and one on the upper lip. The candidate also has a number of noticeable tattoos on the face arms and legs. Again, probably not a good cultural fit. Candidates who research a company’s culture before they show up for an interview, and do their best to match the hiring company’s culture, will always do better. A candidate who truly matches the company’s culture is of course the best fit.

Keep these five simple things in mind and you’ll greatly improve your chances of getting hired!

To your success!


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