Resume Advice, Help Please!!!

I see a lot of resumes every week from people applying for our open positions. But to be honest with you, very few people know how to write a resume that will get employers interested.

In this blog I’ll share a couple of tips to help you get your resume ahead of all those other job seekers!

Here’s the deal, your resume is your face…

Your resume is your first face to a potential employer. Your first impression. So let me ask you a question. What do you think you look like (in your resume) to a potential employer?

Is your resume…

Boring, with line after line of mindnumbing information.


Gimmicky, trying to be catchy, or to grab attention, but containing very little substance.


Professional, dynamic, accomplished, proven, listing great personal and professional characteristics that hiring managers are really interested in.

Now pick up your resume and look at it. Pretend it’s the first time you’ve ever seen it, and pretend you are a hiring manager. What does your resume look like? What is your first impression of it. Is it professional and dynamic, or not? Is it too gimmicky? Is it too boring and tedious? Ask yourself what you can do to improve it. Then start making those improvements. Always keep the end result in mind. And that is a resume that is professional, dynamic, accomplished, proven… and so on.

Remember, your resume is a billboard to potential employers. You only get one chance to make the best possible impression.

Make sure your resume has the look, the feel, and the exciting information employers are longing to see. When you get the formula just right, trust me you’ll be getting more calls for more interviews than ever before!

To your success!

Mark Edward Duin

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