Job Search Success, 3 Magic Questions That Win Jobs

If you’re looking for a job right now you’ve probably seen a lot of job postings. You know, the descriptions of job openings at hiring companies.

Did you know that there are three magical questions that can actually help you land one of those open positions?

Well believe it or not there are!

The next time you look at a job posting, ask and answer these three magical questions to improve your odds of landing the job…

Magic Question #1.. What value does the employer want from a successful candidate for this position?

For example…

Example number one: If the open position is for a sales rep, the employer wants a candidate who’s good at finding new business, who can sell more to existing clients, who will sell a lot, a self-starter, personable, good closer, good at cold calling, who has a positive upbeat personality… This is the type of value they want from a new sales rep.

Example number two: If the open position is for an IT professional, the employer wants a candidate who has strong technical ability and skill, who can communicate technical things in layman’s terms, who can stay calm under pressure, who can learn new technologies quickly, who can figure things out quickly… this is the type of value they want from a new IT professional.

Magic Question #2. How and where do I match the value the employer wants for this position?

After you understand the value the employer really wants, the high-value an ideal candidate could give them, it’s time to match your value to their needs. Put yourself in their shoes, think of all the skills, experience, education and anything else you have that matches the value they’re looking for. Think of all the ways you can bring value to the open position and to the hiring company.

Magic Question #3. How can I most effectively communicate my value to the employer?

Finally, look at all the ways you will communicate with this potential employer. Look at your resume and think of how you can better communicate your value for the open position you are applying for. When you prepare for your interview, think of and practice ways of telling and showing them how valuable you will be in that position. Do the same thing for all your follow-up letters, thank you letters, and any other communication you have with the potential employer.

Keep these three Magic questions in mind throughout your job search, and I’m sure you’ll enjoy much greater job search success!

To your success!


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