Job Search Networking, The Numbers Game

You probably already know this, finding a job is a numbers game. The goal of this numbers game is to get as many interviews as possible, because more interviews equal more job offers.

But first you need to find job openings. In this blog post let’s look at a few places you can network to find jobs.

1. Former employers, co-workers, and subordinates

2. Friends

3. Acquaintances and associates

4. Family and relatives

5. Former customers

6. Former competitors

7. Professional associations

8. Fraternity and alumni associations

9. Job fairs

10. Support groups, churches, and social organizations

Get out a piece of paper and start brainstorming. Think of everybody and anybody you could talk to about potential job openings.

Just let people know you’re looking for a new position. Briefly tell them your qualifications and skills. Let them know how much you appreciate their help and support, and that you’ll make them look extremely good for recommending you! Hey, you would never recommend someone who would do a terrible job, would you? Of course not, you would only recommend excellent candidates that you personally feel good about, right? Be that excellent candidate and others will feel good about recommending you for a job.

The more people you talk to the more job opportunities you’ll find. And the more interviews you get the more job offers you’ll receive. It is indeed a numbers game. The more places you find to network the sooner you’ll have that next job.

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