How To Use and The Newspaper To Find a Job

When you need to find a job it’s important to take advantage of every job search avenue you can think of. In recent years a lot of job search coaches have said it’s a waist of time to apply for news paper job ads, but using the newspaper to find a job can still be useful.

In fact, if you use it’s tied to over 130 newspapers nationally. Also many major newspapers have their own classified ad sections dedicated to job openings. The newspaper job ads are still a valid avenue for finding a job.

Here are a few tips to help you find a job through and other newspaper sources…

1. When applying for jobs on or online newspapers, remember to go back over the past 60 days of archived job openings, because a number of these are not filled after their first publishing. It may be worth applying for these positions that have been open for a while.

2. When using online classified ads or be sure to sign up for any automatic job alert features they may have. This will allow you to be automatically notified of any job matches for your particular background.

3. Review the “Recent Promotions” section of local newspapers and business journals. When you find recently promoted managers or executives in your career field send them a copy of your resume.

4. Read local business journals and look for companies who are expanding and growing. There may be opportunities within these growing companies.

5. When you meet new hires in your own company find out where they used to work, there may be a job opening at their former company.

Add these five strategies to your job search repertoire and keep increasing your odds of getting a job fast.

To your success!


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