Hiring Managers Are Afraid, Here’s Why…

Hiring Managers Are Afraid, Here’s Why…

Hiring managers are deathly afraid of a couple of things. Right at the top of the list, next to losing money, is the fear of making a hiring mistake.

Of course nobody likes to make a mistake. But making a hiring mistake is a real pain in the butt for a hiring manager, and for many reasons.

Here’s why it’s important for a manager to hire the right person the first time. Hiring the wrong person costs an employer a lot of extra time and money. If the candidate doesn’t work out, the employer has wasted a lot of time reviewing resumes, interviewing and making a hiring decision. They’ve wasted time trying to train the new hire, time coaching them, time helping them try to learn the job and fit in. If the candidate doesn’t work out, the employer has to start all over again screening, interviewing, and hiring another person. The training process starts all over again. All during this process money is lost and time is wasted.

Some hiring managers take it very personal. They feel their hiring decision reflects on them and their decision-making ability. Needless to say, many hiring managers are very cautious when they hire.

Here are the four main questions you have to answer (to their satisfaction) to put the hiring manager at ease, and get them interested in hiring you…

1. Do I like and trust you (do I feel good about you)? Brush up on your people skills. Smile, shake hands firmly, be likable!

2. Can you do (can you learn) the job? Highlight your experience, your education/knowledge, your strong work ethic, your dedication to quality…

3. Are there any risks if I hire you? Let them know you’re a dedicated hard worker. Let them know you get along well with others, and that you’re not a complainer…

4. Are your salary requirements in line with mine? Find out from the employer what the salary range is for any position you apply for. Negotiate a salary that fits you and them.

The key to winning a job offer is to answer these four questions effectively.

Be likable, pleasant, respectful, even funny if you can pull it off. Focus on your ability to do the job better than others. Highlight your love of the job, your strong work ethic, your experience, your knowledge, anything that proves you can do the job and do it well. Let the hiring manager know you get along well with others, you’re not a problem child, you’re not a complainer, and that you enjoy contributing to the success of the team. Find out the salary range for the position you’re applying for before you let them know how much you want to be paid. Make sure you’re worth (to the employer) the money you’re asking for.

When you eliminate the hiring managers fears, you’ll go a long way toward getting more job offers!

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