Career Change Advice For Your Job Search, Action Required

Career Change Advice For Your Job Search, Action Required…

I recently heard a person talking about all they’ve learned about how to find a job. Unfortunately, this person believed that none of the job search methods they learned about would work!

After a little digging I discovered something amazing! This person had read a lot about job searching, but had not been applying what they learned! Ouch!

That’s too often a problem; sometimes we can mistake knowing something with doing something, two separate things.

Of course you can read every book on the subject of how to find a job, but until you apply the knowledge, you probably won’t get a job very quickly or easily.

Just like almost every learning effort, if you don’t go out and start USING the information you get, nothing much will happen.

Turn your job search into a real personal mission. Learn everything you can about how to find a job in today’s economy. Figure out how to overcome the challenges, solve the problems, improve your job search process, improve your resume, improve your interviewing skills, set goals to achieve each day, and take action.

Pull all the job search pieces together and create a job search strategy that works for you. One that continually gets better and better results.

Then go get that new job!!!

To your job search success!

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