Job Interview Success Boosters

Job Interview Success Boosters

So you’ve done a great job with your resume and an employer has called you back for an interview. But now that you’ve got the invitation, it’s time to get to work on making the most of this opportunity. You’ll need to differentiate yourself from the other interviewees in order to win a job offer.

Here are 2 simple things you can do to boost the effectiveness of your next job interview, and increase your chance of getting a job offer.

1. Approach every job interview from the interviewers perspective. Be prepared to answer how you can increase their profitability, how you can help reduce or eliminate costs, how you can improve processes, and how you can increase productivity. These are the things they really care about.

2. Focus on the skills you have that they care about most. Now this doesn’t mean your technical skills, or your job skills related to the work you’ll be doing necessarily. It means stress the skills that employers care about most, and those are… your leadership skills, your ability to communicate well, your focus on getting things done and seeing things through, your enthusiasm and passion for your work, and your ability to fit in as part of a team. Employers love candidates who show these abilities.

The bottom line is that employers want self-starters who are focused on helping them succeed.

When you convey these messages in your job interview you will greatly increase the number of job offers you get through your interviews.

To your job search success!

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