Top Job Interview Mistakes

A number of job seekers have a pretty good resume, but when they get to an interview they fail miserably. With so few interviews available and so many job candidates, mastering the art of interviewing is a definite must. Here are several common interview mistakes you’ll want to avoid:

1. Lack of Preparation.

If you’re like most job candidates, answering interview questions is the last thing you care to do. The best way to help yourself is to be prepared. You can get yourself ready for an interview by practicing mock interviews with someone. You may even want to work with a job search coach so you can get their feedback. When you find things you want to change (in the way you answer interview questions), you can make the appropriate adjustments.

2. Saying Negative Things.

Ok, maybe you used to work for a terrible place. Even if it’s a fact, don’t speak negatively about them. Negative comments are viewed as disrespectful by most hiring managers. When you refer to past employers, play down any negatives and focus only on their positives. Remember, negative comments during an interview never help.

3. Talking More Than They Do.

A lot of Interviewers don’t have a lot of extra time. They know what they want to ask you and short to-the-point answers are what they’re after. If you provide a rambling response, they may think you lack professionalism. A fantastic way to get more concise is to practice answering standard interview questions in front of a mirror, right before the interview. This will help you conduct a much more impressive interview.

4. Not Being In Tune with Their Communication Style.

It’s essential to create an impressive first impression. A good way to accomplish this, is by utilizing mirroring.

Here are a few examples:

* If an interviewer speaks quickly and directly, match their style.

* Match the interviewer’s interests. If they have awards displayed, take interest and ask about them.

* Match their body language, posture, and gestures.

* Mirror their mindset and attitudes as closely as possible.

People are naturally more attracted to people who are like themselves. The whole idea is to build a rapport with the interviewer.

A powerful resume is a good place to start. Improving interviewing technique is the next thing to focus on. When you follow the tips in this short article, you can feel more confident that you’ll be landing your next job soon.

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