Interview Tips, 7 Powerful Job Interview Preparation Tips

Interview Tips – 7 Powerful Job Interview Preparation Tips

When I interview candidates for an open position in my company, I can tell one thing very quickly! I can tell who’s prepared to interview and who’s not. People who come prepared to do an excellent interview usually do. And it’s no surprise those who are not prepared, don’t make it far in the interview process.

After you receive a call asking you to come in for an interview, start researching and preparing for that interview right away. Trust me, you’ll be glad you know this little trick.

Listed below are 5 simple things that you can do to improve the way you interview. These simple tips will help you show your real value to anyone who interviews you.

1. Think like an entrepreneur. Do your best to think like a company owner. When you communicate with a hiring manager, talk in terms of how you and your skills can help maximize profits, cut expenses, or strengthen customer satisfaction. Think about your skills and experience in a way that shows them your real value!

2. Find out who’s who in their company. Find out who the important players are in their business. Especially focus on finding out who the VP’s, Directors, and Managers are for the team or department you are interviewing for. You can get this type of information from their Employee Relations Department, the net, by calling the front desk, and any other sources you can find. Try to read between the lines and figure out the types of challenges they face as a company and as a department. Try to get hints of their corporate or departmental direction. When you interview focus on the things you bring to the table that will help them solve problems and that will help them meet their objectives.

3. Research and understand the hiring company’s business culture. Learn from news papers, their website, and from anyone you know (or can find) that works for them, exactly what their corporate culture is. Do this all before you interview, find out everything you can about them. Then, during your interview relate with them and show how you fit in with their beliefs and direction.

4. Keep all your responses and conversations relevant. Everything you think, say, and do in an interview needs to deliver serious value to them! If you’ve prepared, you’ll be aware of their challenges and goals and have ideas, abilities, and practical experience that will help them. Everything you discuss in an interview is about how you bring value to them! At least if you want to win them over it is!

5. Interview to win the job offer. You’ve heard it before, “You can’t win if you don’t play. The truth is, you won’t get a job if you don’t win the interview game! Prepare so well that you’re confident you will give this interview your absolute best effort. The better you prepare, the better you’ll do.

6. Practice, practice, practice… After you’ve gathered as much information as you can find, practice answering interview questions in front of a mirror. Write out a list of questions they will probably ask you (or search the web for common interview questions), and practice answering those questions until you feel good about your answers. Keep in mind everything you’ve learned about the hiring company.

7. Be natural and be yourself. Ok, the last thing to remember is to be natural. Don’t can your answers and respond to them like a programmed robot! Just know what you know, relax because you’re prepared, and answer naturally. Just be yourself and try to have fun with Make a game out of it, with your only goal being to give your best interview ever!

If you follow this simple advice, you’ll see more job offers coming your way fast!

To your success!


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