Interview Questions You Must Ask

One thing that will really impress your interviewer is if you ask excellent questions. It shows you’re thinking!

Remember to always ask questions in a respectful way and in a positive way (you don’t want to give the impression that you’re trying to find fault).

Here are some great questions you may want to ask your interviewer after they’re finished asking you questions…

1. What are the most important objectives you’d like to see accomplished in this position over the next 3, 6, and 12 months?

2. What do you feel are the greatest challenges I would face if I accept this position?

3. What are your thoughts on how these problem could best be handled?

4. Why is this position currently open?

5. What type of support does this position received in terms of finances, people, and other resources?

6. What sort of freedom would be allowed in determining my own work objectives, deadlines, and productivity measurements?

7. What type of events and opportunities are there for successful, progressive employees?

8. How will the person in this position be evaluated for performance?

9. What you feel are the greatest keys to being successful in this position?

10. What significant changes do you foresee for this position, and for this company in the near future?

Ask great questions and show your interviewer that you’ll take this job seriously and that you do think things through! Use this simple tactic to ensure you always impress your interviewer.

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