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So, you have a problem. You’re looking for a job in this down economy and it’s not an easy
task. But did you know that employers also have a difficult time trying
to locate the best potential employees for their open positions?

When you think about this you’ll notice that there just may be a
solution for both the job seeker and the employer, if the job seeker
goes about finding a job in the right way.

Alright so you’ve probably noticed there are many places to post your
resume online. And this can be a good thing or a bad thing for you as
you search for a job.

On the positive side you can display your job skills and experience in
a broad sweeping manner across the web. If you’re like most job
seekers, you will just post a single resume to multiple sites and hope
to get a great deal of exposure.

But here’s the downside to posting a single resume to multiple job
posting sites across the web…

If you are not using the keywords and key phrases that employers and
recruiters are looking for, your resume will be completely ignored
everywhere it is posted.

Don’t worry though, there is good news. Here are a few things you can
do to to help employers find you…

1. Search online at multiple job posting sites for open positions in
your career field. Read through as many of them as you can find. As you
do this you will notice a number of keywords and key phrases that keep
coming up. These will be terms and phrases related to your job field.
Terms and phrases you find in a majority of the job postings you review.

2. Next make several versions (3 to 5) of your resume and be sure to
sprinkle each of them with the key phrases and key terms you’ve found
for your position and job field.

3. Then simply go to multiple job posting sites and post the different
versions of your resume on these sites.

When you post multiple versions of your resume using Key terms and key
phrases that employers in your industry use, you greatly increase your
chances of being found by these employers. This happens simply because
when employers and recruiters search the Internet looking for top-notch
employees, they are searching using their own key phrases and key terms.

The closer your resume matches what employers are looking for the
greater your chances of getting called for an interview!

I hope you found this information related to Employer Job Postings helpful.

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