Career Training, What You Need to Succeed

Career Training, What You Need to Succeed

Many people look at career training in a traditional sense. They’re more focused on specific areas such as business training, management training, accounting training, economics, technology… basically, they focus on training that would prepare them for a career in a specific field. But that’s not the most important training, here’s why…

It’s been estimated that over 80% of individuals with a college degree don’t even work in the field they trained for. In other words they spent many thousands of dollars for a specific education they don’t even use. And with a college education costing $30,000, $40,000, $60,000 on up, does that seem like a good idea?

I’m not saying that a college degree is not important. It’s how our society operates today. It may not be the most efficient and cost effective way to learn what you need to know, but it is the way it is.

Self-education on the other hand is critically important to your career success over your entire life. Self-education involves the ability to learn what you need to learn quickly so you can do what you need to do effectively. That’s actually been the key to my own personal success. I was in ninth grade drop out till the age of 27, and I still don’t have a college degree and I never had to stress about finding the best SAT Prep Courses. Self-education has enabled me to be successful in business. Today I hire and manage people who have master’s degrees. Today I help manage a multimillion dollar services business (without a college degree).

With me career success has more to do with your mindset than with formal education. Here are three tips to help you think in a more successful way.

#1. Don’t overestimate the intelligence of other people, and never underestimate your own intelligence. I’ve met street people who were incredibly intelligent, and I’ve met corporate executives who were dumber than a rock. It’s not so much what you know but it’s what you do with what you know. Learn to value your own experience, your own intelligence, your own knowledge, your own skills, and focus on how to use them to serve others. The greater your service to others the more successful you will be.

#2. Remind yourself continually that your attitude is more important than your intelligence. Smart pessimistic people really don’t provide a lot of value to anyone. But a person who sees the positive side of things is always valuable. Always look for ways that you can do something rather than looking for reasons why you can’t. The way you think affects the way you act, the way you act affects your results in life.

#3. The ability to think creatively is far more valuable than the ability to memorize facts. Spend time every day creating with your mind. Think of ideas, think of ways to improve your life, improve your career, improve your finances… continually use that powerful brain of yours to figure out how you can get where you want to go in life.

Follow these three tips and I guarantee you’ll be more successful than about 95% of the general population. Self-education, a positive mindset and creative thinking are very inexpensive tools you can use to help you achieve success in your career and life. Now that’s the career training, or should I say career success training I’m talking about.

To your success!

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