Career Training Online – Step One To Career Advancement and Success

Lots of people want to develop and grow in their profession. Many are tired of going from occupation to occupation seeing little or no advancement, and often even less personal fulfillment.  Unfortunately they don’t know what to do to get ahead.

Sound familiar?  If you want to do start down a better career path for you, read this….

The first thing you need to do to begin advancing in your career is to get clear about what it is you really want to do for a living!

Once you can see the path you desire for your career, you may then begin to figure out what sort of training you need to succeed in it.  Makes sense right?

Ask yourself the following questions and write down your answer to each on a piece of paper. This exercise will help you get some clarity about a better career path for you.

1.       What types of careers interest me? Why?

2.       What types of topics am I interested in? Why?

3.       What natural abilities do I have?

4.       What type of information do I love to learn? Why?

5.       What do I love to do? Why?

6.       What would be an ideal job for me? Why?

7.       What activities and situations give me the most energy? Why?

8.       What types of things suck the life out of me? How can I avoid these in a career?

9.       If someone would pay me a full time living to do what I love to do, to do something I’m good at doing, and to do it in a way that provided value to others, what would that be?

Now, review all of your answers while you keep asking yourself, “What is my ideal career?”

Once you get super clear about what you want to do for your career life, then you can focus on the best training to get you there!


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