Career Training Online, Mastering Your Mind

Career Training Online – Mastering Your Mind

It’s been said that you can accomplish anything you want to if you will only put your mind to it. The problem seems to be that most of us are not very good about mastering our minds.

Can you remember a time when you were studying a new subject? If it was something you really were fascinated by, you just seemed to drink in all the information that flowed to you, easily, almost effortlessly! Know what I mean? On the other hand…

Remember a time when you had to study a subject you didn’t care about, how easy was that? Yeah!

Today a lot of people going through a career change are interested in career training online. These career changers (or online learners) are often faced with the very same issue. If they love a subject the online training is easy, not so easy if they dislike the subject. So what’s the solution?

Mastering your mind, that’s really the only solution isn’t it? We need to find ways to trick our mind into taking interest in learning about things we have no interest in learning. Here is one method that seems to work pretty well for me…

Whenever I have to study a subject I don’t really care about, I write out a list of all the things that will benefit me when I know this material. Then I review this list, close my eyes and imagine all the cool things I can do with this new information. I imagine it in great detail as if it is real. I imagine some really cool things happening just because I took the time to learn the material. I imagine myself studying the material and actually finding it more and more interesting. I imagine actually having a pretty good time learning it, much better than I really expected! I do this little exercise every morning when I wake up, and every night before I go to bed while I’m taking the training. And the results are…

It works!

It works a lot better, and I do mean a lot better than if I tried to tackle learning the information the way I used to. Struggling every inch of the way and hating every minute of it.

So the next time you have to study material you don’t naturally care for, you may want to try this little trick for mastering your mind!


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