Career Training Online, Formal Education Vs Self Education

Career Training Online, Formal Education Vs Self Education

A lot of people ask me how I went from being a street addict and 9th grade drop out at age 27, to helping manage a multimillion dollar services business, without a college degree!

I guess to some it may seem odd that a person without a college education can actually hire and manage people who have masters degrees.

The answer is simple, skills! That’s right, I’ve got skills! How did acquire these skills, through self education.

“Formal schooling will get you a job…Self-Education will make you rich”.

If you think about it, some of the greatest contributors to our society were not well educated, Thomas Edison, Henry Ford…to name a few.

And you and I probably both know at least a few college graduates who aren’t very successful at all!

Formal education and practicing success principles are two separate things. They give you different skill sets.

Here are a few basic success principles (skills) that will help you enjoy greater success in your career and your life…

1. Decide what you want to have or accomplish.

2. Set and commit to the goal of achieving it.

3. Examine your current situation and create a plan or road map that will bridge the gap between where you are now and where you want to be.

4. Dedicate some time every day to follow your plan. The more of your plan you follow each day, the sooner you’ll have what you want.

5. Dream about already having the end result you desire, every day. A day without a dream is like a day without sunshine, but a day with a dream helps create an exciting and meaningful life.

Now you’ve been formally educated on some foundational success principles, or success skills. The same skills that enable this former 9th grade drop out to be very successful indeed! Believe me, if I can benefit from following these little steps, you can do even better!

To your success!

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