Career Training Online, Career Change Advice, Learning Equals Earning!

Career Training Online, Career Change Advice, Learning Equals Earning!

You’ve probably heard the saying, “Your ability to learn is equal to your ability to earn”. You know that statement is probably more true now than ever before.

Our world is constantly changing, becoming more global. Technology advances almost daily. We are all inundated with information. How are we supposed to keep up?

I’ve even read studies that show that with all our technology like cell phones, text messaging, e-mail… we are actually less productive than we were without them. I can see why that’s true. We’re constantly distracted and our ability to focus on any task till it’s completed, is almost impossible.

That’s why now more than ever it’s important to become an avid learner. To have the ability to study subjects that will help us be successful, and to learn and apply them quickly.

Anyone who knows how to learn and apply information quickly is going to be far more successful than those who don’t.

Here are a few ideas that will help you learn faster, so you can earn more…

1. Write up a list of skills that would greatly increase your earning power.

2. Pick the top three skills that would have the most immediate impact on improving your earning power.

3. Create a learning plan for each major skill. Just write down everything you would need to know to be proficient in each of these skills.

4. Research where you can get training materials, books, CDs, online training classes, college courses… and include them in your training plans.

5. Commit to spend at least one hour a day learning one of these important skills that will benefit you.

6. Find ways to motivate yourself until you have learned the skills you need.

7. Try using some of these accelerated learning techniques (listed below) every time you sit down to study.

a. Preview your topic and your training materials.

b. Relax your mind and body before you start learning.

c. Bring to mind times in your life when you have been most successful at accomplishing something.

d. Break the material down into smaller sections and study one section at a time.

e. Read the material and take notes. Draw pictures that help you see what you’re learning. Read out loud important parts. Close your eyes and imagine in detail     what you’ve been learning.

F. Explain what you’ve learned to someone else, or in front of a mirror. Review your notes, set them aside, and try to reproduce them from memory.

Learning how to learn effectively will provide you a major springboard for greater success throughout your life.

If you’d like to learn more about how to become an accelerated learner feel free to leave me your comments and questions below!

To your success!

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