Career Training, Choosing the Right Career Training For You!

Choosing the Best Career Training For You!

Did you know that over 150,000 people per month search the web for the term “career training”?  Now that’s a lot of people interested in career training.  But the real question is, why are they interested in career training?  What are they ultimately trying to get?

Most people look into career training because they want to find a good way to make more money. They either want to improve their current skills so they’re worth more money, or they want to develop new skills that will help them be more marketable.

If you are looking into career training, here are a few things to think about…

  1. Before you start looking for career training, it’s important to assess what’s important to you.  Assess your likes and dislikes, your interests, your natural talents and abilities… in other words, only go after career training that is in line with your aptitudes and your interests.  There are far too many people walking around with college degrees in fields they don’t even work in today.
  2. Use online career assessment tests, personality profile test, skill assessments, interest assessments, and any other tool you can find to help you get clear.
  3. Try to find people who already work in a career field you’re interested in, and learn as much about that field as you can.  The pros and cons.
  4. Try to find a part-time job or an apprenticeship in a career field you are interested in.
  5. Don’t let potential earnings taint your selection process.  I’ve seen a lot of people go into career fields because they hear you can make a lot of money in them, only to find out they actually hate that type of work.  Wasted time, wasted effort, and it always ends in failure.  Back to point number one, only go after something you can be successful in.

When you realize how few people really end up working in their dream job, it’s all the more important to examine yourself closely and to choose your career training wisely!   Follow the five tips listed above and you’ll certainly be a lot closer to your dream job than if you don’t.

To your career success!

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