700 Protesters on Brooklyn Bridge – Protesting The Wrong Thing?

Police Arrest More Than 700 Protesters on the Brooklyn Bridge, protesting corporate greed?

Many students were complaining about having so much school loan debt and not being able to find good paying jobs. But are they protesting the wrong things?

Now I may not be the sharpest tool in the shed, however I am successful in business! I “earn” a 6 figure income with little more than a 9th grade education and I do hire and manage college graduates (some with masters degrees) for a Technology Company. This is despite the fact I was an alcoholic drug addict on the streets at age 20 and a 9th grade drop out till age 27 (and I don’t have a college degree).  I have little in common with college graduates, but I do have a lot in common with many super successful people. I have a different perspective that may be worth a look.

Companies hire and pay people to provide “Value”. The more value you provide the more money you typically receive. Companies don’t necessarily hire people because they have a college degree, here’s why…

Many employed college graduates readily admit they use maybe 10% of what they learned in college in their actual jobs. Is there any possibility our government run schools are tying up 4 years of a students time and charging them ten’s of thousands of dollars to teach them irrelevant things they don’t need to know and will never use?

Most businesses will confirm that many college graduates are of little or no value for years until they gain experience! Meanwhile a halfway bright non-college graduate could just go to work for 4 years and learn valuable applicable business experience. In the same 4 years they can actually become valuable.

Now of course not all college is a waste of time. However, college may well be horribly outdated and out of touch with the real needs of the business world. But the real question is this…

“How are so many super successful people (many from poor disadvantaged backgrounds) able to succeed without a college degree, while so many people with a college degree could easily be considered mediocre or poor performers in business and in life?” The answer is…

Successful people (college degree or not) are successful because they have learned success principles and are practicing them. They believe the following…

  • If your life sucks it’s your fault (regardless of your background, upbringing, education, the government, the corporate world….) because…
  • Success or failure is not determined by the circumstances or challenges you are dealt, it’s determined by how you respond to them.
  • Success or failure is rarely determined by what’s out there (education, corporate world, government, economy…) it’s almost always determined by what goes on between your ears. All successful 9th grade drop outs like me (earning 6 figures or more) use their minds to “Think”, and not just to memorize and regurgitate school lessons.
  • If you blame others and focus on why you “can’t”, you won’t.
  • When you get in the habit of asking yourself “How Can I?” You Will Find The Way… How can I be more valuable to employers? How can I be more efficient? How can I be more productive? How can I be more creative in solving problems? How can I become my best? How can I find a better job? How can I find a good job in a down economy?…
  • When you rely on others to help you get ahead (education system, government, corporate world, rich parents…who ever…) you will usually be dissatisfied with the results.
  • When you take ownership of your own success or failure and begin to use your powerful human mind to solve your problems, and use it to help you figure out how to be more successful, you’ll find far more satisfaction and far more success!

I feel sorry for all the misguided people who blame others. I feel sorry for these 700 students on the Brooklyn Bridge who may just be protesting the wrong things!

NOW BEFORE YOU GET ALL MAD at me for stating my opinions…Please think about this…

I’m glad you have the right to protest, to give your opinions, to state your case on whatever you believe! You may be right! You may be wrong! You may be part of both!

I’m so glad I still have the right to protest, state my opinions, and can make my case. I may be right, I may be wrong, I may be part of both! My only hope is that more people choose to take control of their own destiny, and that more people stop blaming others and circumstances outside of them for their current state. The reason I hope this for others is only because this is exactly what made a huge positive difference in my own life.

I guess I figure that if a former street addict 9th grade drop out like me (and so many other successful people) can use success principles to overcome challenges and gain success, then anyone can make this shift. Especially people who are smart enough to attain a college degree!

Wishing you true success and happiness in every aspect of your life!


Mark Edward Duin

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