The Top 10 Skills Employers Look for When Hiring

The Top 10 Skills Employers Look for When Hiring

According to a survey conducted by the National Association of Colleges and Employers, here are the top 10 things employers look for in a new hire, as well as in long-term employees.

1. Communication skill and abilities

2. Integrity, reliability, and honesty

3. Teamwork interaction and skills

4. Interpersonal skills and abilities

5. Self-motivation and personal initiative

6. Strong work ethic and commitment

7. Analytical and problem solving skills

8. Adaptability and ability to be flexible

9. Basic computer and technology skills

10. Self-confidence

Notice, “College Degree” is not on the list! When you develop these top 10 needed/wanted skills along with your education you will really increase your chances of of finding a good job, and be much more likely to keep it!

Have fun Succeeding!

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