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In business, strategic planning determines the long-term impact of an organization. Successful businesses identify their mission; their mission influences their vision. All these effect their strategy and their level of success. Without a good strategic plan, most companies flounder and then fail.

If strategic planning is so important to business success, it makes perfect sense that almost all successful individuals have a strategic plan for their own personal success!  What about you? Do you have a strategic plan for your personal success?

Here’s what a good strategic plan covers…

  • A Clear Vision Statement
  • A Solid Mission Statement
  • Identifying Everything That Will Cause Success
  • Identifying Risks, Obstacles, and Challenges
  • Developing Specific Strategies and Action Plans to Meet Objectives
  • Creating and Prioritize a Completion Time-line

These make up the foundation of an attainable strategic plan.

To develop your own personal strategic plan, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What is your vision for your life/business?
  • What are the things you can do best?
  • What value are you (or your business) going to provide?
  • What needs do you fill for people/customers, that others cannot provide as well?
  • What image do you want for your business/yourself?
  • What excellent things do you want to be known for?
  • Who is your ideal customer?
  • What products and services can you provide in an excellent way?
  • What needs are you going to satisfy?
  • What are your personal/business philosophies, ethics, social commitment, and your values?
  • What value will you provide to your customers, your suppliers and your distributors?
  • Where will you be in one year, three years, and five years from now?

Figure out how to grow your value and expand your current success.  Decide what untapped markets you want to pursue and what specific things you can do to dominate by replacing your competitors and by fulfilling unmet needs.

Create a solid plan that includes your vision of your future, your mission in life, know what will ensure your success, know your obstacles and plan around them, create a success plan, and develop a task list with timelines.

When you do this little exercise and create a strategic plan out of it, you’ll find greater and greater success as you follow your plan!

To Your Success!

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