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Is there a common trait or skill that sets successful job seekers apart from the unsuccessful ones? When I think about all the successful candidates I’ve interviewed over the years, one trait sticks out. Planning!

career planning

Career Planning

It’s really no surprise that a common factor of successful people, successful businesses, successful projects… is that they all have a good plan, maybe even a project plan. On the other hand most failures, failed businesses, and failed projects have no planning or poor planning in common. It’s exactly the same for individuals who want to find a job or who want to change careers.

Almost all successful people have a plan to succeed in their careers and they pursue it. It’s really pretty logical. First you figure out what you want to be have or do, then you create a plan to get it, then you follow your plan till you get it!

Here are several reasons why you absolutely want to develop your own job search or career success plan right away…

1. When you create a plan to succeed in anything and strive to follow that plan, you’re chances of success are far greater (90% or better) than if you wander aimlessly without a plan. Without a good plan to succeed your chances of being successful are almost none!

2. Planning is 100% proven to produce far better results in almost any area of life. Try building a new home without a plan (blueprint). Planning has worked miracles for successful businesses, business projects, personal projects, and for successful individuals around the world. A good plan produces a much greater chance for success, and lack of planning causes a greater chance of failure. The same is true for finding a job or changing careers.

3. Plan to succeed and you will, fail to plan and you’ll find yourself a victim of circumstance more often than not. A good plan will help you find the way around unpleasant circumstances. You’ll experience far greater success in your job search or career (and in life) when you figure out what you want, when you make a plan to get it, and when you follow your plan till you do!

To your success!

Mark Edward Duin

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