Career Planning – Important Lessons For Success

Happy 80th Birthday Dad! I just wanted to Thank YOU for Teaching Me These Lessons In Career and Life Success…

Little Mark

Thanks for Teaching Me…

The Importance of Hard Work and The Power of Sticking With It: I remember cutting out the tree stump in the back yard and rebuilding the rock wall. These two jobs showed me that you can accomplish a lot with a little hard work and by just sticking to the task. I’m so glad I carried these lessons into my work life! THANK YOU DAD!

To Pick Friends Wisely: Now for YEARS You tried to get me to stop hanging around my Looser Friends (If Only I Would Have Listened!!!) I re-learned this principle later in life, and the truth that “You become like the people you hang around!” This has made an incredible difference in my life. THANK YOU DAD For Planting The Seed!

One Of The Biggest Things You Taught Me Came In 2 Ways…

The 1st Way by Your Example: The example of all your projects around the house, big and small. How you approached them.

The 2nd Way Through A Guy Named Zig Ziglar: You provided me with some Zig Ziglar tapes when I was a security guard at Enron and one of the Major Transforming things I learned from these tapes was actually what you already taught me by your example!

Through These 2 Sources You Taught me That To Accomplish Almost Anything, You Really only Have To Follow A Few Simple Steps…

All You Have To Do Is…

• Pick Your Objective

• Create A Plan (Blueprint)

• Work At It Till You Accomplish It

Much of my personal and career success stems from these lessons!

THANK YOU DAD for all you’ve taught me, for putting up with my youth and ignorance, and for being there for me when I needed You most!

I Love You Dad,

Mark Edward Duin (9/11/11)

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