Career Change Advice, Uncover Your Exceptional Strengths

Who do companies hire when times are tough (or anytime really)?  People who add value of course. Do you know what value you bring to a company?

If you want to improve your current career, change careers, or if you’re just getting started in the world of work, you want to leverage your strengths.

When you focus on finding ways to apply your unique value, you’ll find that you automatically enjoy much greater career success.

Try the following steps to uncover and maximize your exceptional strengths.

1.    Take several career tests and identify the types of careers you are most interested in, ones that you have an aptitude for.

2.    Take several personality tests and identify the types job positions
(within your optimum career fields) you are a great match for (sales, management, engineering, training, administrative, technical, manual laborer…).

3.    Ask others who know you well what they think you’d be good at.

4.    Create a list of all your strengths, interests, talents, and natural

5.    Pull together your results from all the above and examine them closely. Get a real good feel for where you can be successful, a good feel for your value.

6.    Research careers you are interested in and the various job positions available in those careers.

7.    Select your top three career choices. These should include careers within an industry you can get excited about.

8.    Figure out what job training, experience, or other education you will need to move you toward the career you desire.

9.    Create a plan that will give you step-by-step directions for getting
Write down every step you need to take to attain your ideal career. 

Know what you want, create a plan to get it, then follow your plan to take you from where you are now to the career you truly desire.

Start right now to do what you need to do to get where you want to be!

You can thank me later!

To your success and happiness!


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