Career Change Advice, 4 Awesome Tips For Increasing Your Self Confidence

Career Change Advice, 4 Awesome Tips For Increasing Your Self Confidence.

Who get’s the job offers, who, who? People who exude self confidence usually do pretty well, don’t they? Of course they do.

How are you doing in the self confidence department? Are you feeling confident about your job search, your value, your abilities, your odds of landing a new and better job….?

Now I know it can be a little tough to stay confident when you’re looking for a job. But it is possible to give yourself a huge boost in this area, a boost that just may make the difference in you being able to land a job quickly.

Here are 4 simple tips for creating self confidence that will help you get a job!

1. Your Achievements List. Quick, right down the top ten things you’ve accomplished in your life, the things you’re most proud of. Write them down and start reviewing this list everyday. Add to it whenever you think of something you’ve done that you’re proud of, and whenever you accomplish something new! Review this list daily.

2. Your Natural Talents List. Make a list of all the things you do well. List all your natural abilities. Things like being a good planner, being spontaneous, a good writer, speaker, good with money, good a drawing, good with people, analyzing things….whatever you are naturally good at doing. List everything you do well and rearview this list daily too!

3. Your Experience List. Write down all the important things you’ve learned from your life and work experiences. List every lesson you’ve learned that adds to your value going forward. Write them down and read this list daily.

4. Your What Makes Me Super Valuable Statement. Once you’ve made the lists mentioned above, simply make a statement about what makes you so valuable to an employer. Here’s an example.. “I, John Doe am an incredibly valuable resource because of my natural abilities of (list your great abilities)…because of my accomplishments with (list your accomplishments)…and because of my valuable experience with (list the valuable lessons you’ve learned)…All these things make me incredibly valuable and enable me to help my company to (write down all the ways you can benefit your employer)…. I AM SUPER VALUABLE, OOOHHH YEAAA!!!”

Commit to read these lists and this value statement every day for the next 45 days. Trust me, even after 2 days you’ll begin feeling much more confident and valuable, and this will quickly transform the way potential employers respond to you!

The internal game shapes the external game. These little tips will help you increase your self confidence in a very powerful way. In a way that potential employers will really like!

To your job search success!

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