Mark Edward Duin is an internationally recognized author, a powerful life and career success coach, and a current business leader as the Services and Technology Manager for a Leading US Technology VAR.

Mark’s life is an amazing testament to the truth that you can have, be, or do anything you desire, if you’re willing to learn how. He has become enormously successful in business and in life despite the fact that he was a street addict at 20 years old, and a 9th grade drop out till age 27.

He has since held positions of leadership on the Sprint 800 Users Advisory Board and represented a Leading Fortune 500 Financial Company on the Y2K Financial Consortium, made up of our nations top Banks and Financial Institutions.

Mark is the Founder of and the Author of the popular E-Books “How To Get A Job Fast Even in a Down Economy!” and “Superpowers – The Missing Dimension In Your Success”, distributed in over 30 countries!

His life journey has given him a unique perspective that enables him to relate to people from all walks of life! Mark walks the success walk and leads by example. He knows you can go wherever you want in life, no matter where you’re starting from! Mark is passionate about helping others overcome their challenges and getting them to “live” the secrets to greater success, happiness, and fulfillment!